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No one exists — nor creates — in a vacuum. As long as I've been online, I've always tried to give back to the vast amalgam of work from other creators and modders that have enabled my own work to get done.

For the longest time, this subdomain existed purely as a barebones list of files, with a directory listing script. I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, keep the most interesting & the most useful stuff, and make a single proper page for it. However, as any creator who's been active for a number of years in the double digits can attest, looking back on old work often feels embarrassing. And as such, keeping this page up-to-date (let alone rebuilding it) isn't a very high priority for me.

If you're looking for something that used to be there but isn't anymore, please write me an e-mail at contact [AT] maximelebled {DOT} com, and I'll either put it back up or I'll tell you why I can't.

This page was last updated on 03 September 2023, AND IS STILL UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION.

King of Pain (Dota 2)ArtStation / Downloads

A long time ago, in 2015, I came across songs by the British band "The Police". "Every Breath You Take" might actually be the song I have the earliest memories of. You see, back when I was in the French equivalent of kindergarten, every year, the school organized a "kermesse", a sort of day-long party with the aim of raising funds. You'd buy tickets for various things, including the ability to participate in fun-fair-like games, and you could get some minor prizes. One such game was fishing for rubber ducks... and the prize I won was an audio tape of The Police. Anyway, when I re-discovered the band, I heard "King of Pain", and of course, being neck-deep into Dota 2 at the time, I immediately thought, "hey, what if that was the male counterpart to Queen of Pain?"

So along with a couple friends, we proceeded to work on genderswapping the hero, and I built an animated short around both characters that was pretty much an excuse to showcase the model and try out new 3D tricks. It's not particularly interesting and it's very self-indulgent, but it was a great way to learn lots of new little things here and there, especially working with a character from A to Z.

The character was modeled by Stephanie "Anuxinamoon" Everett, with minor contributions by Christian "ChiZ" Gramnaes. Skinning, rigging, engine setup by myself. And a big thank you to everyone who gave their input on the design along the way.

Miscellaneous Dota 2 odds & ends

Female Scout character model, 2014 version (Team Fortress 2)

A very long time ago, AyesDyef made the female scout mod, to be used directly in-game. Then, I wanted to use it in Gmod & the SFM for movie-making purposes, but it was a bit rough around the edges, so with AyesDyef's blessing, Rebbacus and I progressively worked on several improvements over time: new bodygroups, a rigged skirt, a HWM-enabled face...

While I did do some work on these improvements, now that I'm looking back at them after a decade, I don't feel like the extent of my contributions warrant the need to be credited, especially compared to the work Rebbacus put in, let alone the original author's. You should only credit these two people.

As I did publish the source files way back then, more people have since improved further on the character, drastically more than we ever did, so I don't believe this version has much of an interest besides a historical one. You should probably seek out newer and better versions of this character.

Very old Team Fortress 2 things


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